How to Get Real Money From an Online Sportsbook

When you make your first wagers at an online sportsbook, you may be able to claim a free bonus bet. These offers are designed to help new bettors get a feel for the site and how it works. They are also meant to attract new customers. However, be aware that most bonus bets come with certain restrictions that must be met. These rules will typically be listed in the promotions section of a sportsbook’s website or app. They will usually include a time limit for the bonus bets, a requirement that the bets must be placed at least once, and a minimum amount of bets that must be made to earn the bonus bet.

Typically, the bonus bets will be valid for a specific period of time, such as seven days to thirty days. Some sportsbooks will require a promo code to redeem the offer, while others may not have any type of code requirement. In either case, you should always read the fine print to see what requirements are attached to a sportsbook’s promotion.

Another way that sportsbooks give away real money is through deposit match bonuses. These are similar to free bets, except they will be tied to the player’s initial deposit amount. The sportsbook will match a percentage of the deposit, and the player must bet a set amount of money before they can withdraw the bonus. This can be a great way to build a betting bankroll and increase your chances of winning.

Some sportsbooks will reward their players with bonus bets after their first loser, but these are not the same as the deposit match bonuses. These will be tied to the player’s stake and are non-withdrawable, but they can still be a good way to boost your bankroll without risking too much of your own cash.

The best way to use these bonuses is to take them on underdogs, since they tend to have longer odds than favorite bets. However, you should be careful about tying together too many favorites. This can zap the expected value of your parlays and increase your variance.

While free bets and deposit match bonuses are great ways to boost your betting bankroll, there are many other forms of welcome bonuses that can be claimed as well. These can be in the form of money back on losing wagers, extra funds to bet with, and more. Each welcome bonus will come with its own terms and conditions, but most are fairly easy to understand and are worth claiming if you can meet the requirements. Be sure to check out all of the different welcome bonuses available before making your first wagers. This will ensure you are taking advantage of the best offers that are available.